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lat::Util Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static bool AddEntry (Connection conn, LdapEntry entry)
static bool AskYesNo (Gtk.Window parent, string msg)
static bool CheckSamba (LdapEntry le)
static bool CheckUID (Connection conn, int uid)
static bool CheckUserName (Connection conn, string name)
static LdapAttribute[] CreateSambaAttributes (int uid, string sid, string lm, string nt)
static ComboBox CreateServerCombo ()
static bool DeleteEntry (Connection conn, string[] dn)
static bool DeleteEntry (Connection conn, string dn)
static void DisplaySambaSIDWarning (Gtk.Window parent)
static void ExportData (Connection conn, Gtk.Window parent, string dn)
static void ExportData (Connection conn, string dn, out string data)
static void getChildren (Connection conn, string name, StringBuilder sb)
static string GetConfigDirectory ()
static double GetDateTime (string stringDate)
static DateTime GetDateTime (double unixTime)
static string GetEncryptionType (EncryptionType encryptionType)
static LdapServerType GetServerType (string serverType)
static string GetServerType (LdapServerType serverType)
static Gdk.Pixbuf GetSSLIcon (bool ssl)
static double GetUnixTime (DateTime dt)
static void ImportData (Connection conn, Gtk.Window parent, string data)
static void ImportData (Connection conn, Gtk.Window parent, Uri uri)
static void ImportData (Connection conn, Gtk.Window parent, string[] uriList)
static bool IsOldConfig ()
static bool ModifyEntry (Connection conn, string dn, LdapModification[] modList)
static void SetProcessName (string name)
static string SuggestUserName (string firstName, string lastName)
static void UpgradeConfigurationFiles ()

Private Member Functions

static int prctl (int option, byte[] arg2, ulong arg3, ulong arg4, ulong arg5)

Static Private Member Functions

static XmlDocument ConvertV1Profiles ()
static bool deleteEntry (Connection conn, string dn)
static string export (Connection conn, string dn)
static void import (Connection conn, Gtk.Window parent, Uri uri)
static Connection ParseV1Profile (XmlElement profileElement)

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