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void lat::ServerData::Add ( string  dn,
List< LdapAttribute >  attributes 
) [inline]

Adds an entry to the directory.

dnThe distinguished name of the new entry.
attributesAn arraylist of string attributes for the new ldap entry.

Definition at line 48 of file ServerData.cs.

                  Log.Debug ("START Connection.Add ()");
                  Log.Debug ("dn: {0}", dn);

                  LdapAttributeSet attributeSet = new LdapAttributeSet();

                  foreach (LdapAttribute attr in attributes) {

                        foreach (string v in attr.StringValueArray)
                              Log.Debug ("{0}:{1}", attr.Name, v);
                        attributeSet.Add (attr);

                  LdapEntry newEntry = new LdapEntry( dn, attributeSet );
                  Add (newEntry);

                  Log.Debug ("END Connection.Add ()");

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