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lat::SearchBuilderDialog Class Reference

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string UserFilter [get]

Private Member Functions

void buildFilter ()
void createCritRow (string attr, string op, string val)
void OnAddClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnBoolChanged (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnCancelClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnOkClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnRemoveClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void toggleBoolCombo (int row)

Static Private Member Functions

static void comboSetActive (ComboBox cb, string[] list, string name)
static ComboBox createCombo (string[] list)

Private Attributes

List< ComboBox > _allCombos
Dictionary< string,
LdapSearch _ls
int _numCriteria = 0
Button addButton
Gtk.Entry attributeEntry
Button cancelButton
VBox critVbox
ComboBox firstCritCombo
Gtk.Image image117
Button okButton
ComboBox opComboBox
HBox opHbox
Button removeButton
Gtk.Dialog searchBuilderDialog
Glade.XML ui
Gtk.Entry valueEntry

Static Private Attributes

static string[] boolOps = { "", "AND", "OR" }
static string[] ops = { "begins with", "ends with", "equals", "contains", "is present" }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file SearchBuilderDialog.cs.

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