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lat::MainWindow Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 MainWindow (Gnome.Program mainProgram)
void OnAboutActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnAppDelete (object o, DeleteEventArgs args)
void OnConnectActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnCopyActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnCutActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnDeleteActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnDisconnectActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnExportActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnHelpContentsActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnImportActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnMassEditActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnNewActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnPasteActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnPopulateActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnPreferencesActivate (object sender, EventArgs args)
void OnPreferencesChanged (object sender, GConf.NotifyEventArgs args)
void OnPropertiesActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnQuitActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnRefreshActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnReloginActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSearchBaseClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSearchBuilderClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSearchClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSearchSelected (object o, SearchResultSelectedEventArgs args)
void OnShowAllAttributes (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnTemplatesClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnViewChanged (object o, EventArgs args)
void WriteStatusMessage (string msg)

Private Member Functions

void CleanupView ()
void ClearSchemaValues ()
void Close ()
void CreateServerCombo ()
void GenerateNewMenu (Connection conn)
Connection GetActiveConnection ()
void LoadPreference (String key)
void OnLdapDNSelected (object o, dnSelectedEventArgs args)
void OnNewMenuItemActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnNotebookViewChanged (object o, SwitchPageArgs args)
void OnSchemaDNSelected (object o, schemaSelectedEventArgs args)
void OnSearchExport (object o, SearchResultExportEventArgs args)
void OnViewSelected (object o, ViewSelectedEventArgs args)
void SetBrowserTooltips ()
void SetInfoNotePage (int page)
void SetupToolbar (ViewPlugin vp)
void ShowAttrTypeSchema (SchemaParser sp)
void ShowEntrySchema (SchemaParser sp)
void ShowLdapSyntax (SchemaParser sp)
void ShowMatchingRule (SchemaParser sp)
void ToggleButtons (bool btnState)
void ToggleInfoNotebook (bool show)
void TogglePages (bool pageOneState, bool pageTwoState, bool pageThreeState, bool pageFourState)
void UpdateStatusBar ()

Private Attributes

Gnome.AppBar appBar
Gtk.CheckButton attrCollectiveCheckbutton
Gtk.Entry attrDescriptionEntry
Gtk.Entry attrEqualityEntry
AttributeEditorWidget attributeEditor
Gtk.Entry attrIDEntry
Gtk.TextView attrNameTextview
Gtk.CheckButton attrObsoleteCheckbutton
Gtk.Entry attrOrderingEntry
Gtk.CheckButton attrSingleCheckbutton
Gtk.Entry attrSubstringEntry
Gtk.TextView attrSuperiorTextview
Gtk.Entry attrSyntaxEntry
Gtk.CheckButton attrUserModCheckbutton
ScrolledWindow browserScrolledWindow
Gtk.RadioMenuItem browserView
Gtk.ToolButton deleteToolButton
string editDN
bool editIsCopy
TreeIter editIter
string editName
Gtk.Entry filterEntry
Gtk.HBox hbox448
HPaned hpaned1
Notebook infoNotebook
VPaned infoVpaned1
LdapTreeView ldapTreeView
Gtk.Window mainWindow
Gtk.Entry matNameEntry
Gtk.Entry matOIDEntry
Gtk.Entry matSyntaxEntry
AccelGroup newAccelGroup
Gtk.MenuItem newMenuItem
Gtk.MenuToolButton newMenuToolButton
Gtk.Entry objDescriptionEntry
Gtk.Entry objIDEntry
Gtk.TextView objNameTextview
Gtk.CheckButton objObsoleteCheckbutton
ListStore objOptionalStore
TreeView objOptionalTreeview
ListStore objRequiredStore
TreeView objRequiredTreeview
Gtk.TextView objSuperiorTextview
Gnome.Program program
Gtk.ToolButton propertiesToolButton
Gtk.ToolButton refreshToolButton
Gtk.ScrolledWindow resultsScrolledWindow
ScrolledWindow schemaScrolledWindow
SchemaTreeView schemaTreeview
Gtk.RadioMenuItem schemaView
Gtk.Button searchBaseButton
SearchResultsTreeView searchTreeView
Gtk.RadioMenuItem searchView
ComboBox serverComboBox
ServerInfoView serverInfoView
Gtk.CheckMenuItem showAllAttributes
Gtk.Image sslImage
Gtk.Entry synDescriptionEntry
Gtk.Entry synOIDEntry
Gtk.ToolButton templateToolButton
Glade.XML ui
Gtk.ScrolledWindow valuesScrolledWindow
ViewDataTreeView viewDataTreeView
Notebook viewNotebook
Gtk.ScrolledWindow viewScrolledWindow
ViewsTreeView viewsTreeView
Gtk.RadioMenuItem viewsView

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