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lat::LdapTreeView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void AddConnection (string connectionName)
string GetActiveServerName ()
string GetSelectedDN ()
void GetSelectedDN (out string dn, out string connection)
TreeIter GetSelectedIter ()
 LdapTreeView (Gtk.Window parentWindow, Connection connection)
 LdapTreeView (Gtk.Window parentWindow)
void OnDeleteActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnDragBegin (object o, DragBeginArgs args)
void OnDragDataGet (object o, DragDataGetArgs args)
void OnDragDataReceived (object o, DragDataReceivedArgs args)
void OnNewEntryActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void Refresh ()
void RemoveRow (TreeIter iter)
void removeToolbarHandlers ()
void setToolbarHandlers (Gtk.ToolButton newButton, Gtk.ToolButton deleteButton)


int BrowserSelectionMethod [get, set]


dnSelectedHandler dnSelected

Private Types

enum  TreeCols { Icon, DN, RDN }

Private Member Functions

void AddEntry (string name, Connection conn, TreeIter iter)
void DispatchDNSelectedEvent (string dn, bool host, string serverName)
void DoPopUp ()
string FindServerName (TreeIter iter, TreeModel model)
void Init (Gtk.Window parentWindow)
void ldapRowCollapsed (object o, RowCollapsedArgs args)
void ldapRowExpanded (object o, RowExpandedArgs args)
void OnBrowserRightClick (object o, ButtonPressEventArgs args)
void OnExportActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnRenameActivate (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnRowActivated (object o, RowActivatedArgs args)
void OnSelectionChanged (object o, EventArgs args)

Private Attributes

Gtk.ToolButton _deleteButton = null
bool _handlersSet = false
Gtk.ToolButton _newButton = null
int browserSelectionMethod = 0
TreeStore browserStore
Connection conn
bool IsSingle = false
Gtk.Window parent
TreeIter rootIter

Static Private Attributes

static TargetEntry[] _sourceTable
static TargetEntry[] _targetsTable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file LdapTreeView.cs.

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