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lat::EditUserViewDialog Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 EditUserViewDialog (Connection conn, LdapEntry le)
void missingAlert (string[] missing)
void OnAddGroupClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnNameChanged (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnOkClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnPasswordClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnRemoveGroupClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSetCanClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSetExpireClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSetMustClicked (object o, EventArgs args)
void OnSetPrimaryGroupClicked (object o, EventArgs args)

Protected Attributes

Connection conn
string defaultNewContainer = null
bool errorOccured = false
bool missingValues = false
Gtk.Dialog viewDialog

Private Member Functions

bool checkMemberOf (string user, string[] members)
LdapEntry CreateEntry (string dn)
string getGidNumber (string name)
void getGroups (LdapEntry le)
string GetStringDate (string unixTime)
void Init ()
void modifyGroup (LdapEntry groupEntry, LdapModification[] mods)
void OnSambaChanged (object o, EventArgs args)
void toggleSambaWidgets (bool state)
void updateGroupMembership ()

Private Attributes

Dictionary< string, string > _allGroupGids
Dictionary< string, LdapEntry > _allGroups
Dictionary< string, string > _memberOfGroups
ListStore _memberOfStore
Dictionary< string,
LdapModification > 
Gtk.Entry adCityEntry
Gtk.Entry adPOBoxEntry
Gtk.Entry adStateEntry
Gtk.TextView adStreetTextView
Gtk.Entry adZipEntry
LdapEntry currentEntry
Gtk.Entry descriptionEntry
Gtk.Dialog editUserDialog
Gtk.Entry firstNameEntry
bool firstTimeSamba = false
Gtk.Label fullnameLabel
Gtk.Entry homeDirEntry
Gtk.Entry initialsEntry
bool isSamba = false
Gtk.Entry lastNameEntry
Gtk.Entry mailEntry
Gtk.TreeView memberOfTreeview
Gtk.Entry officeEntry
Gtk.Entry ozCompanyEntry
Gtk.Entry ozDeptEntry
Gtk.Entry ozTitleEntry
string pass = ""
bool passChanged = false
Gtk.Entry phoneEntry
Gtk.Label primaryGroupLabel
Gtk.Entry shellEntry
Gtk.Entry smbCanChangePwdEntry
Gtk.CheckButton smbEnableSambaButton
Gtk.Entry smbExpireEntry
Gtk.Entry smbHomeDriveEntry
Gtk.Entry smbHomePathEntry
string smbLM = ""
Gtk.Entry smbLoginScriptEntry
Gtk.Entry smbMustChangePwdEntry
string smbNT = ""
Gtk.Entry smbProfilePathEntry
Gtk.Button smbSetCanButton
Gtk.Button smbSetExpireButton
Gtk.Button smbSetMustButton
string smbSID = ""
Gtk.Entry tnFaxEntry
Gtk.Entry tnHomeEntry
Gtk.Entry tnIPPhoneEntry
Gtk.Entry tnMobileEntry
Gtk.Entry tnPagerEntry
Glade.XML ui
Gtk.SpinButton uidSpinButton
Gtk.Entry usernameEntry
Gtk.Label usernameLabel

Detailed Description

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