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// This file was generated by the Gtk# code generator.
// Any changes made will be lost if regenerated.

namespace GnomeKeyring {

      using System;
      using System.Collections;
      using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

#region Autogenerated code
      public struct NetworkPasswordData {

            public string Keyring;
            public uint ItemId;
            public string Protocol;
            public string Server;
            public string Object;
            public string Authtype;
            public uint Port;
            public string User;
            public string Domain;
            public string Password;

            public static GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData Zero = new GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData ();

            public static GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData New(IntPtr raw) {
                  if (raw == IntPtr.Zero) {
                        return GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData.Zero;
                  GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData self = new GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData();
                  self = (GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData) Marshal.PtrToStructure (raw, self.GetType ());
                  return self;

//          private static GLib.GType GType {
//                get { return GLib.GType.Pointer; }
//          }

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