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// This file was generated by the Gtk# code generator.
// Any changes made will be lost if regenerated.

namespace GnomeKeyringSharp {

      using System;

#region Autogenerated code
      internal delegate void OperationGetListCallbackNative(int result, IntPtr list, IntPtr data);

      internal class OperationGetListCallbackWrapper {

            public void NativeCallback (int result, IntPtr list, IntPtr data)
                  GnomeKeyring.Result _arg0 = (GnomeKeyring.Result) result;
                  GLib.List _arg1 = new GLib.List(list);
                  managed ( _arg0,  _arg1);

            internal OperationGetListCallbackNative NativeDelegate;
            GnomeKeyring.OperationGetListCallback managed;

            public OperationGetListCallbackWrapper (GnomeKeyring.OperationGetListCallback managed)
                  this.managed = managed;
                  if (managed != null)
                        NativeDelegate = new OperationGetListCallbackNative (NativeCallback);

            public static GnomeKeyring.OperationGetListCallback GetManagedDelegate (OperationGetListCallbackNative native)
                  if (native == null)
                        return null;
                  OperationGetListCallbackWrapper wrapper = (OperationGetListCallbackWrapper) native.Target;
                  if (wrapper == null)
                        return null;
                  return wrapper.managed;

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