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lat::LdapServer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The main class that encapsulates the connection to a directory server through the Ldap protocol.

Definition at line 50 of file LdapServer.cs.

Public Member Functions

void Add (LdapEntry entry)
void Bind (string userName, string userPass)
 Binds to the directory server with the given user name and password.
void Connect (EncryptionType encryptionType)
 Connects to the directory server.
void Copy (string oldDN, string newRDN, string parentDN)
 Copy a directory entry.
void Delete (string dn)
 Deletes a directory entry.
void Disconnect ()
 Disconnects from a directory server.
LdapSchema GetSchema ()
string GetSchemaDN ()
 LdapServer (string hostName, int hostPort, string dirRoot, string serverType)
 LdapServer (string hostName, int hostPort, string serverType)
 LdapServer (ConnectionData connectionData)
void Modify (string dn, LdapModification[] mods)
 Modifies the specified entry.
void Move (string oldDN, string newRDN, string parentDN)
 Moves the specified entry.
void Rename (string oldDN, string newDN, bool saveOld)
 Renames the specified entry.
LdapEntry[] Search (string searchBase, int searchScope, string searchFilter, string[] searchAttrs)
 Searches the directory.
void StartTLS ()
 Tries to upgrade to an encrypted connection.


ActiveDirectoryInfo ADInfo [get]
string AuthDN [get]
bool Bound [get]
bool Connected [get]
string DefaultSearchFilter [get]
string DirectoryRoot [get]
EncryptionType Encryption [get, set]
string Host [get]
int Port [get, set]
string ProfileName [get, set]
int Protocol [get]
LdapServerType ServerType [get]
string ServerTypeString [get]
bool UseSSL [get, set]

Private Member Functions

void QueryRootDSE ()
void SetActiveDirectoryInfo (LdapEntry dse)
void SetServerType ()

Static Private Member Functions

static bool SSLHandler (Syscert.X509Certificate certificate, int[] certificateErrors)

Private Attributes

ActiveDirectoryInfo adInfo
LdapConnection conn
string defaultSearchFilter
EncryptionType encryption
string host
LdapServerType ldapServerType
int port
string profileName
string rootDN
string schemaDN
string sType

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